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Welcome, parents! We know that joining a fraternity can raise a lot of questions for the families of prospective members. On this page, you'll find frequently asked questions, links to additional information, and a Google form through which you can sign up for our semesterly parents' newsletter. Our parent/alumni relations chair would be happy to speak with you, and his information can be found below.


Why Greek Life?
Greek organizations make up a small percentage of the student organizations/clubs offered at Penn State, but offer unique opportunities and benefits that others do not. Greek Life allows students to develop life-long bonds, serve in leadership roles, participate in and run philanthropic events, network, and connect with Alumni of the chapter. For more, check out the Penn State IFC’s website.

How many Penn State students are in Greek Life?
14% of Penn State University Park students are in a Greek organization.

Are all fraternities similar?
No. Fraternities differ in size, traditions, diversity, and mission.

Does ZBT haze?
No. We do not haze, nor do we have pledging. In fact, ZBT was one of the first national fraternities to ban pledging, doing so in 1989.

How much are dues?
Dues vary by semester, but ZBT consistently charges less than most other fraternities at Penn State. Dues are collected once per semester. In Spring 2020, they were $800, some of the lowest at University Park.

What if I cannot afford the dues?
There are a few ways to ease the financial burden of dues. Most notably, ZBT’s National Headquarters offers scholarships to brothers. Our chapter also permits brothers to work out payment plans, allowing for flexibility of when the dues are paid and how much is paid at one time.

Does ZBT participate in the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON)?
Yes! In fact, our chapter is active with THON in multiple ways. We raise money for the charity via canning weekends, online fundraisers, and special events. We also create unique initiatives, including the donation of comfortable and warm blankets and covers for the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, the main benefactor of THON.

Does ZBT care about academics?
Yes. Academic performance is a key pillar of our fraternity. Our cumulative GPA consistently ranks amongst the best in the Penn State Interfraternity Council. Brothers study everything from nuclear engineering to sports broadcasting. We also have a strict GPA minimum that all brothers must meet or exceed in order to remain in the fraternity.

Is ZBT a Jewish fraternity?
ZBT is open to students of any religion. Mindful of our roots as a historically Jewish fraternity, we do interact with Jewish groups on campus. Regardless, we have brothers from many different faiths and ethnicities.

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